Friday, April 29, 2011

Kejohanan Olahraga Tahunan 2011 was held on last 25th to 27h April 2011. This event was organized by KPLI-English and KPLI-pre-school.  It such a busy day on 27th as it was the day of closing ceremony for this event. Congratulations to all my friends because of the stressfulness in organizing and managing that event. Keep it up. 

What I want to share here is about management. In my opinion, I agreed that everybody got 24 hours a day in one’s life, but it is not fair to judge one’s to another because there are differentiations between two persons on this. Let us focus on narrow view in term of one’s designations, life, age and many more. Everybody has their own task and responsibility on their shoulders and also we have to consider that not everybody was given the same task and not everybody has the same capability in managing their tasks. Same goes to pupils because one fine day, as a teacher, I will be posted in school yet have to face up this situation.

As a teacher, what always come into my mind when talk about management is how to manage pupils, environment and also how to manage myself. Reflect on myself along this week, I really cannot cope 100% to all of the tasks given by lecturers. This week was the worst week in my life as I cannot give my full attention to almost all of my class. I even cannot do all the assignments on time. I admit that I really still in process of learning on how to be a multitasking person with tasks loaded in a time and it is a lifetime process until the end. Thank you.

Friday, April 22, 2011


At some time in our life, we will face with problems which came in many forms. They could be financial problems, work problems or even a personal problem. To handle problems, we have to face it with courage and positive thoughts because problems are a part of life. In these modern types of life, we can find a lot of information on how to handle problems but I prefer the following three practical ways in handling my problems.

First, I need to recognize and accept the problems so then I can make choices on how to deal and control the problems instead of being controlled them. Once I am aware of this, my realization will allow me to gain a deeper understanding of my problems in my life. So what should I do is I need to sit down and ask myself sincerely the way how it can be solved. I need to solve the problem by asking myself “now that I have this problem, what should I do with it?” instead of “why did this happen to me?” questions. Only by doing this, it can be better way to handle the problems.

Secondly, i need to have a positive attitude, means that I have to control over my mind because mind controls other senses. I may feel anxious and depressed when I encounter the problems at the early stage but I need to have a positive attitude because it helps handling problems greatly. I need to stay calm; as we can see, peoples with strong, determined minds often come out victoriously because they do not treat problems as obstacles. They look problems as the pathway to achievement and successiveness. A positive outlook and strong mind can be very effective positive forces in my life.

Last but not least, in handling problems, it must be able to understand that there is life beyond the problems that plague me. I should look at problems as reminders of mistakenness that should not be repeated. Look problems as lessons that I can learn from, make me be a better person. By knowing that, it allows me to realize that there are problems that may be appear in my life which can sharpen my solving skills to make me better person. I should not feel bad for myself but should feel that problems will lead me to analyze and become wiser life manager. If I look problems as teachers, I will be able to handle them better by learning from them so that I can travel on my long journey life guided by them.

In conclusion, as humans, problems are part of our life and the only way I can handle them is to face them up positively.

Saturday, April 02, 2011

Teachers are important as they are the one who spend half of the day imparting knowledge and providing guidance to students. However, over the years, the quality of Malaysian teachers has deteriorated, and they have often been criticized for their poor performance.

One major problem is the attitude of teachers towards teaching. Many do not consider teaching as a profession, but view it as having many advantages such as time off and favourable working conditions. Lack of dedication in some teachers also results in unsatisfactory execution of their duties.

A number of teachers have poor reading habits, and most of them are totally dependent on textbooks and workbooks. This affects the quality of teaching, as teachers are unable to give or share anything extra with students.

Sometimes, a teacher is required to teach a combination of Mathematics and English, but often, he specializes in only one of these subjects. Having a weak grasp of the subject content hinders the effectiveness of the teacher and he may lack confidence.

To improve the quality of our teaches, training colleges (IPG) have to play a part in helping trainee teachers develop a right attitude by instilling in them a sense of commitment and reminding them that teaching is an important and noble profession.

Selection of applicants to teacher training colleges (IPG) should be done carefully. Temporary teachers, those who have taught in private schools and those who have been applying persistently should be given priority because they show that they like the profession and are also serious about it. Hence, some quality and commitment is assured.

Training programmes may need to be modified so those trainees are required to read more and develop their analytical and problem solving skills. Only then are the trainees are future teachers able to adapt and change their teaching methods in schools in order to teach well.

Teachers should not only specialize in one subject but also take up another subject to enable them to meet the needs that arise in schools. In being familiar with the second subject, a teacher can prepare his work and know that he is teaching.