Friday, April 29, 2011

Kejohanan Olahraga Tahunan 2011 was held on last 25th to 27h April 2011. This event was organized by KPLI-English and KPLI-pre-school.  It such a busy day on 27th as it was the day of closing ceremony for this event. Congratulations to all my friends because of the stressfulness in organizing and managing that event. Keep it up. 

What I want to share here is about management. In my opinion, I agreed that everybody got 24 hours a day in one’s life, but it is not fair to judge one’s to another because there are differentiations between two persons on this. Let us focus on narrow view in term of one’s designations, life, age and many more. Everybody has their own task and responsibility on their shoulders and also we have to consider that not everybody was given the same task and not everybody has the same capability in managing their tasks. Same goes to pupils because one fine day, as a teacher, I will be posted in school yet have to face up this situation.

As a teacher, what always come into my mind when talk about management is how to manage pupils, environment and also how to manage myself. Reflect on myself along this week, I really cannot cope 100% to all of the tasks given by lecturers. This week was the worst week in my life as I cannot give my full attention to almost all of my class. I even cannot do all the assignments on time. I admit that I really still in process of learning on how to be a multitasking person with tasks loaded in a time and it is a lifetime process until the end. Thank you.