Sunday, August 02, 2009


The story begin.. ive bought my 1st car on 6 sept 2005, proton wira 1.5 saloon.. dat was 2nd hand car. The owner from philipines named Danillo Reyes.. What attract me to this car bcoz of its mileages just only 80 000 km for 5 years usage. I thought the owner got another car for recreation and this car for business purpose only.. (agaknyela)..

I were forced by my employer to use a car for my business purpose (sales n marketing). That time i worked as a vacation planner (kire executive la) in BERJAYA Vacation Club based at BERJAYA group of companies KL. (Kire nak xnak kene pakai kete gak)..

Im satisfied with all those installed in dis car (mcm keter baru)..suspension, performance, smooth n steady.. till..
8 April 2006, i drove myself from Shah Alam to Raub, Pahang plan to stay @ my brother's house there.

About 3 pm, in front of Kilang Kertas Kg Benus.. i got crashed..

2 weeks later i juz realized that i got crashed (crash to motorcycle and a tree)... dat time i were placed at Hospital Sultan Ahmad Shah Temerloh.. my mother told the whole story.. im in comma for two days.. 2 weeks in ward, and another few days b4 i were released.

two days in comma and two weeks with lost of memory.. (kire mcm org terencat akal)... my sickness not ended there.. guess what.. my mouth. I can open my mouth but i cant even nganga my jaw (rahang).. (gigi atas dan bawah diikat) for another 2 weeks..

So everyday all my meals are in liquid matters.. for lunch my mom serve blended solution (rice+egg+fried fish+vege+water=blended) and eat it through straw or just drink it slowly... same goes for dinner, just the menus change.. for two weeks..

All dis bcoz of my jaws got crack (left upper and lower jaws).. and now its supported by titanium plate..the doctor installed the plate to hold my jaws alignment.. till now (my fren said zarim ade susuk besi kat muka huhuh)

gambar menunjukkan plate titanium dan skru pada bahagian bawah rahang kiri

..and after a month, i have to go back to the hospital to level the improvements..

Then on 8th July 2006, I was offered to UiTM Segamat to further my studies in BBA (Hons) Marketing..

this picture was taken on August 2007 - a year later (kemek kat blakang tu kene langgar)