Saturday, August 01, 2009


1/8/2009 - saturday - 2 bored for tday.. no outdoor activities.. woke up at 7am n dunno wat to do.. after taking my bfast i open my laptop n check all my accounts; mail, fs,fb,ms,vf,tagged,.. haha guess what.. im cnnecting with k.mar thru tagged n facebook..

2pm having my bath n lunch n zzz... already 6 pm when i open my eyes.. no plan for sat eve..
after hving kari ayam + sayo campo + ayam kfc + air oren, its sofa layback time. ntah citer ape tah.. mukhsin..

then im writing this.. the end

p/s: i got many sms and calls fr my students.. ;-).. x-students


aJLeaa said...

itu laaaaa... xsuke aku bile da gemuk skang ni ko lak rasekan..anyway xkire ko kurus ke gemuk asal hati senang...