Friday, March 25, 2011

Malaysian Drivers

                  A day before back to IPTAR after a week break, i was driving on my journey from Pahang to Senai Airport, i met 5 car accidents along the PLUS highway. Wondering how come there were many accidents in 2 hours long journey in a road. Because of those accidents, i nearly missed my flight to Kuching. Talk about attitudes. Malaysian drivers’ attitude. we've seen a few road safety ads on TV by teaching us certain bad habits that we need to curb or change. Credit must be given to their effort regardless of the success rate. However, so far, I'm yet to see an ad on the bad habit of M'sian. I believe this whole bad driving habit can be attributed to bad education, lax law enforcement, and widespread corruption in our country. We have schools that teach us to memorize the whole texbooks but hardly enlight us with moral values; we have laws to cover almost everything but either the government aren't enforcing it or the people due to bad education do not feel obligated to follow it. I'm not saying I'm a highly educated or law-abiding person. I admit fully I drive very fast, and I will donate to the cops to get away from being issued summons. We can blame the surroundings. We can also blame ourselves. Sometimes I dun know who/what to blame. A number of friends have told me this is just the way it is and we are nobody to change anything. I'm still learning to accept that Its about knowledge.