Friday, March 04, 2011

School Based Experience

Last Monday I went to SK Ibnu Khaldun in Kota Samarahan not far away from here attending for School Based Experience task in completion one of the essential subject in my course. On that morning, my friends and I arrived at the school at 7 a.m on a drizzly rainy day.

The school was big with an amazing designed building. I was impressed by the pupils discipline here while walking to the school administration office where they assembled at the canteen first before moving in a discipline manner to the morning parade in a quiet queued up.

After the assembly, they moved to their classes. The level 1 schooling form of standard 1 to standard 3 were in ground level classes while the standard 4 to 6 were on the second level. The third level consists of labs, library and multimedia room.

After a while, the GPK1 called us to her room. Briefed us about this school, rules and regulations, schedule and introduced us to some of the English teachers here and they were very nice and were welcoming us.

Our 1st observation started with standard three; 3 Umar where there was a teacher named Joy Reene was teaching at that time. Subject discussing was on past exam papers. Pupils were asked to make corrections. There were two way communications between teacher and pupils during the class. It was an implementation on effective teaching in classroom where all pupils are asked to sit in the front to pay attention to the discussion.

Based on my observations, their class was very nice where; the layout of equipment and furnishings in the classroom were very neat and pretty. The pupils's work, such as short notes, examples of essays, and mathematical tables were posted on classroom walls as references to them. In this school, cleanliness and finishing in the classroom is paramount. Therefore, the class I visited was very clean. In this class there are 30 pupils who consisted of 9 females and 21 males. While, the table layout consisted of five pupils in a group are to ensure teachers can facilitate them learning on teamwork and cooperating among the themselves.

After that, we were brought to other classes in all levels,  pupils in this school were disciplined. Despite the absence of teachers in the classroom, they were not making noise. Discipline can also be seen when they were buying food during recess at the school canteen whereby they were controlled by school prefect. After recess, they punctually went back to the classroom when the bell rang. I  describe that the level of disciplinary in this school was very impressive.

She brought us back to the teacher's room after completing the observations in all classes. Here we were preparing a report on our observations in the school and ask questions to the school teachers.

Mohd Basri Ariffin b Mohd Ridzuan

We return to IPTAR at 2 pm happily with the cooperation of the school in helping us when observations in progress.